Video trailer of the documentary “Ten days on Mount Athos”

Poster of the film "10 days on Mount Athos"Poster of the film “10 days on Mount Athos”

Creating and editing video announcement (trailer) for the documentary “Ten days on Mount Athos” by Nenad Badinovac who appears in the film in the role of a guide and narrator.

Trailer has been prepared in ProShow Producer, of course after the preparation and processing of all necessary elements, such as the opening credits in Adobe After Effects, then photographs in Photoshop, and maps of Mount Athos the route of the tour in CorelDRAW. Then we submitted footage of voice, ie. narration, and music to accompany in the mp3 format. At the end Nenad and I together installed all that material in one video and finished project at my design studio, with some tea, coffee, waffles and of course popcorn. 🙂

My Designery studio

And finally complete documentary 🙂

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