Marko Bakic


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Although I have always been and still am by profession and temperament graphic designer, I have graduated on the College of Professional Studies – Belgrade Polytechnic, majoring in Industrial Design, determined to expand my design skills and aspects.

I gained more experience in graphic design with respect to a larger market and thus greater demand for graphic design solutions, both in the press and in other media (video, television, internet). Thanks to the ever-present enthusiasm when it comes to designing, I had the opportunity to participate in many projects of various motifs and sizes, from the smallest to the larger, of complete solutions to the production of individual parts. Regardless of size, each of these jobs require dedication and offers a challenge for anyone to whom is like to me design a weapon of creativity.

I am interested in design as a means and techniques for coordination, balance of aesthetics and functionality, discipline for playing with art impressions in contact with the still dynamic economies of consumer reality, as well as society in general, especially with customer needs in design services. My breadth of observation, persistent accuracy in detail and creativity, enhance and enrich, among other things, the challenge set deadlines and restrictions of all kinds and sizes. This is what all of this to me seems irresistibly interesting space to create and inexhaustible source of inspiration.