Lives of Saint Sava and Saint Simeon

Book cover design of “The Life of Saint Simeon and Saint Sava” Format A5. Tools: CorelDRAW, Photoshop Book cover design Flyer design for the presentation of the book Poster design for the presentation of the book Realistic 3D perspective view

The book “Encounters with the holy places”

Корице књиге Записи и Репортаже

Book cover design and design of interior pages for the book “Encounters with the Holy Places” Format А5. Tools: CorelDRAW, Photoshop Realistic 3D view A photo of a book in my hands

Misha and lamps • Tri-fold flyer

Design of double folding flyers for Misha Djordjevic’s “Misha Lampe” company. Two flyers needed to be made. The first for the presentation of unique lamps and the second for metal fences, ornaments and decorations in the interior and exterior. You can see most of the original work created in Misa’s workshop at Format: A4 […]

Adriana Jovovic • Business card design

Реалистични приказ визитки

Business card design for Adriana Jovovic, emotional literacy coach, T.A. practitioner and Feng Shui consultant from Novi Sad. Duplex. Tool: CorelDRAW Front side Back side Front and back, side by side.