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Building websites

Моја Дизајнерија

Complete solutions for your web presentation on the WordPress platform.

Domain and Hosting Lease

Lease and setup domain name and hosting with the provider of your choice or by my suggestion.


Installation of WordPress, Elementor PRO Website Builder and required plugins.

Conceptual design

Conceptual design of website and development plan in consultation with you.

Data and material

Gathering all the necessary data and materials to run and build.

Website Optimization

Website optimization for all major web browsers and page load speed.

Design and finalization

Creating a website from the ground up. With all the technical details tuned for optimal site performance.

Update and maintenance

Regular updating and maintenance with technical support and website management training.

Why WordPress?

WordPress was primarily designed as a platform for bloggers, but its constant development has led it to present a complete CMS (Content Management System) with all functionality.

WordPress is a great content publishing platform focusing on aesthetics, internet standards and usability. Very well organized and written code allows users to easily add and edit website content.

In addition, some of the most important reasons why WordPress is the best platform for developing your site are:

Why Elementor?

Elementor  is one of the top rated WordPress website development plugins on the market. More than a million webmasters are currently relying on Elementor to build their websites and pages.

Easy to use

Elementor environment allows you to select and edit each element on your web page. Drag and drop provides maximum control without having to edit the code.

Attractive visual design

There are many templates to choose from to find the one that works best for you. Some of the free templates may be simpler than those offered in the Pro version, but they are still just as effective and variable as needed.

Independent of your WordPress theme

Elementor can be used with any theme completely independently, or best of all by installing their Hello theme that uses a minimum of resourses, making your site easier and faster.

Fast performance

The built-in live editing option lets you see and make changes incredibly quickly and easily, and lets you update current content as needed.


Free version of Elementor has a limited number of templates and designs for your site. However, there are three types of Pro version (for one, three or 1000 websites) whose price range is very reasonable considering what it has to offer.

Their one-time fee will give you the ability to use the tool forever with all future upgrades and access to more than 50 widgets, 300+ templates, as well as one year of premium customer support.

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