Book cover design – The Lives of St. Simeon and St. Sava

Complete cover for print

Complete cover for print

One of the most serious tasks that I got so far, and to whom I felt an exceptional responsibility, not to say in awe, is organizing the layout Cover reissues Lives of St. Simeon and St. Sava from the authors: Saint Sava, St. King Stefan the First Crowned and the monk Teodosie from Hilandar. At the end, it was love that prevailed, love for our St. Sava which, in my opinion, should always prevail to inspire us in right direction.

The idea was that the design is such that it simultaneously try to impress and give a hint of the depth and width of the content and its immeasurable importance for the Serbian people. Yes, this book and its external appearance when they merit to be part of the required reading in schools and part of the library in each Serbian home. The idea is that through this book we get closer to the general public knowledge of the essential character and work of St. Sava and St. Simeon for the Serbian people and state. How we succeed in that time will tell, but until then you can see for yourself to give your rating of the cover design.

Дизајнирани летак за презентацију књиге

Designed flyer for the presentation of the book

Poster designed for the presentation of the book

Designed 3D-model of a book in perspective view

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