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About me


Picturesquely presented on the right side, my motivation has always been and is primarily family. That is something from where comes all the strength and endurance and the will to work even then when everything does not go as expected. If not for the family probably I would never claimed responsibility entrepreneurship and embark on seeking independent job. Uncertainty release and rewards brave. Therefore, first of all, and above all, thanks to my loved ones.

Immediately after the family comes my inner need to express through painting, drawing and writing, which accompanies me since boyhood. For years it was just my hobby. However, my life experience has taught me that every job we do lose its quality and interesting, if you do not feel it inside, I made a cut and rolled up sleeves determined to give my best and make a turning point in life. Time will tell whether I succeeded. Until then, I am satisfied because I make my living doing a job I love.

Pencils, brushes and pens have been replaced by personal computer revealing design as a new field for achieving long-standing needs of my boyish days and now I really enjoy it.

My Work




It all started a long time ago, when mobile phones and high speed internet were still rare, working in CorelDraw 9 the first advertising leaflet that I graphically designed and prepared for the press, and then enthusiastically organized the printing and distribution of leaflets. It was my first official job in design and a small step towards the realization of a childhood dream – to turn hobby into a real business.

The longest, most diverse and most constant work experience. Designing material for printing (business cards, flyers, posters, brochures, catalogs, books, etc.), Logos, graphics and multi-medial solutions (print, video, Internet, television).


The latest, most dynamic and most advanced experience. Web design is an area that lately occupies more and more space in my work and slowly directing my attention towards a new medium for the playoffs designs and design tools – the Internet.


Colorful experience in designing three-dimensional models of a variety of products, from coffee cups, small household appliances, via the entire interior to industrial products in the exterior.



All design skills I use exclusively for self-defense and general welfare of mankind, and especially my family and wonderful people-clients who have given me and we provided me everyday opportunities to improve the mutual benefit and satisfaction. 🙂

* Skills shown by the percentage of use in recent years.

Photoshop 90%
WordPress 95%
Adobe Illustrator 68%
CorelDRAW 85%
Logo Design 70%
Print Design 88%
Adobe After Effects 72%
Adobe InDesign 78%
AutoCAD 32%



They are real persons like every one of us, then my clients and colleagues in the business. Respect for the client and his time and effort is a prerequisite for the success and development of every designer.

“Working with Marko is a real pleasure. He managed to create my website the way I wanted with great skill and patience. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of a web developer and I will engage him in my next project for sure.”

HANS KEMP | hanskemp.com

“It is a real pleasure to work with Marko. He can materialise and put every creative idea into reality. Marko is a team player with high developed professional and communication skills, as well as knowledge in the field of design.”



Marco did the job on time, on budget and to a level that was of a very high standard.

SCOTT PERRY | workforceblueprint.com.au

Marko Bakic is an excellent designer. He was on top of our schedule, had answers for everything, and most importantly was a great communicator. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for work on their websites or other design needs.

CHRISTOPHER BOYD | sully&boyd.com


Marko is very easy to work with, excellent designer. I am willing to work with him again….

NENAD BADOVINAC | zapisi-reportaze.com



I can’t wait to read your message and answer as soon as possible. 🙂